Tribute to Nick Hudson


Nick Hudson


From the Era Facebook page

Dear All, Cath South here. Dad (Frank) now in his mid 80s is writing a story of his time in Australia - both my folks were 10 Poms. He has written a great chapter on how ERA began - from his perspective obviously. I have the task of typing his intricate, detailed, handwritten chapters. While typing the one on ERA that mentions Nick Hudson, I remembered that he lives close by and that I really should go try find him again.

Unfortunately I heard from Mum, that Nick passed away on March 1st.

I have strong memories as a child when the meetings were held in our lounge room, of a tall, big, friendly, smoke smelling man, with a deep voice and a strong presence. When I saw him last in Newstead too, he seemed just the same.

Nick and Dad were both involved for many years in the background of ERA. Mum and Dad have written the words below and asked me if I could put them here on Facebook.

Never stop trying to make a better world good people, in tiny or large ways, it all ripples out. Thanks Nick, for your part in my education.


Publisher Nick Hudson, educated at A.S.Neill's progressive/alternative school Summerhill, in Suffolk England, joined the Education Reform Association in the late 60s - early 70s and took part in the establishment of its Donvale school. He was a valuable member of the school council, serving as secretary for a number of years. A life member of Editors Victoria and of the Australian Publishers Association, where he made an outstanding contribution on copyright, he will be remembered also for his congenial personality, his wit, and his learning.

Facebook post from Richard Webb

I remember Nick very fondly. A big person in every way. Happy, good humoured, outgoing, an effervescent personality. He made a big contribution to the ERA community as a council member. He was a leading Australian publisher and an ethical business person. A friend to my father. I had no idea he had attended Summerhill. Love and sympathy to all Nick's family members.

Facebook post from Megan Jack

Vale Nick and my condolences, to Caroline, Ben, Tim and all your family. I thank him for helping steer the Era Ship/Train/Plane, that we all still travel on.