Era database


 What is the Era database?

It is a comprehensive record of all the teachers and students from Era, but also other people who had an important input, such as many of the parents.

It contains information on what their relationship was with Era, when they were there, maybe their nickname at school, what they have done since Era, and how to contact them.

It is in Microsoft Excel format, and if your computer doesn't support Excel it easy to download a free Excel viewer off the internet that will enable you to view the database. If this seems difficult I am happy to help you.

The database relies on members of the Era community to keep it up to date. If you can help with any new information or corrections it is much appreciated. For privacy reasons it is only available to verifiable members of the Era community.

How do I get the latest version of the database?

Contact me and I will e-mail it to you. 

How is it different to the Era names list?

The Era names list available on this site is just that, a list of names only. It has no contact details or anything else, except to note people who have passed away. I put it up there just to jog people's memories and in some cases be reminded of a missing name. The Era database has all the useful information.


Era (now Carey Grammar) from the oval in 2011