Tribute to Kit Durre


Kit Durré 12-7-58 to 7-8-90

Ian Woff, speaking at Kit's funeral

I wish to speak very briefly, and presume to speak for those of us who went to secondary school with Kit at ERA.

I am fortunate to have gone to school with Kit for five years at ERA. ERA was an important part of Kit's life, as it was for all of us, and Kit was a most important part in the life of the school. Nobody who attended ERA from the beginning could think of the place without thinking of Kit, so much was his personality part of our school.

Many of us were fortunate to have kept our friendship of Kit beyond school, and although friends rarely see as much of each other as they used to after leaving school, a wonderful part of friendship with Kit was that the relationship was always maintained with ease and confidence. Kit's personal characteristics of honesty, integrity and caring concern were constant, and underlay the constant nature of his friendship.

Kit was a friend who was always there. His passing leaves us poorer, but we can be thankful for the many fine memories and for the significance he has had in our lives.

Kit with friends Gideon Reiss, Ian Woff and Leigh Taylor at Era in 1975