Era School History - Village School


One of the very rewarding aspects of maintaining this website and the Era database, is that I sometimes get unexpected e-mails from Era people, often ones I hardly knew or never even met, with all kinds of recollections and usually a warm appreciation for what Era meant to their lives. Here is an e-mail from Tanya Heine that could be of interest to former Era students looking for a primary school for their own children or grandchildren, demonstrating that Era's legacy lives on.

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Name: Tanya Heine

Subject: A bit of ERA lives on at Village School

Hi Guy.

Just thought you should know the primary school that the three primary school teachers from ERA in 1981 started, is still thriving out in the suburbs at Croydon North.

We try to keep alive the spirit of adventure, lots of playing in the bush and building cubbies and climbing (some) of the trees.

We owe our existence to the existence of ERA and my three children started there in the primary area and I stuck with ERA until it closed, before coming over to Village. I was then just a parent, I'm now Principal of Village School, but ERA lives on in our history of Village School.

A while ago Carol Watters, daughter of Bev Watters who was in the ERA office, had her two children attend Village school.